Snowball's World

Snowball the Cat

Mark has no guts to try to clean me. He takes me to the cat wash. Maybe he thinks he can't do it alone, because it takes to people to hold me down. I fight them tooth and nail, moan and try to run. Once I get a little bigger and stronger, even two people won't be able to make me go through that again!

You know, Mark always buys me things he calls cat toys. He buys them at the local pet store and I hear they are not cheap. But those things are not very interesting. I much prefer run back and forth in the room. I like to chew on things such as cables and cords.

Recently I started enjoying playing with coins. Coins make funny noises and slide around on the floor. Paper can really be exciting too. Especially a ball of paper. You know, if Mark was really smart he could save alot of money and just let me play with stuff around the house.

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