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Sissy's English Diary

Hi, Mark,
I'm Sissy and I have registered my sina blog as my English diary now.I would try to persist in my new year's resolution.And welcome to my blog!

Manawang's English Blog

I want to share the oath with all of you:

My Oath

I can't stand my poor English.I can't stand my shyness and laziness.I am dying to improve my situation.I want to change my life.I want to have confidence in myself.I want to build a solid foundation for my future.

I don't want to let my parents down.I don't ever want to let my country down.Most importantly,I don't want to let myself down.

I want to speak perfect English.I want to understand all kinds of accent.I want to write beautifull articles . I want to read thousands of books.I want to translate freely between Chinese and English.I want to be the master of the world's tow most important language: Chinese and English.

If you are trying to study a new language now,maybe you can use this oath to encourage youself.

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