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Chinese Phrases for getting around town

Taxi Chū zū chē  出租车

 Chū zū chē is the correct Chinese word, but you can be understood even if you use the English word Taxi. 

Good Bye or See You Again zi jin 再见

Well, I guess this is another term that will be easily understood even if the English word is used.

Excuse Me du b qǐ  对不起

There is always a crowd in touristy areas. There are so many Chinese who wants to see the same monuments too. Rather than push your way through the crowd, using the term du b qǐ may just open the path ahead for you!

Receipt Fā pio  发票

Always ask for the receipt or Fā pio  at the shops or from a taxi. This may be useful if you need to complain about a fraud or shoddy product. Also useful if you leave behind your bag or camera in the taxi. I don't want Wo Bu Yao. Useful when refusing a tout or when offered a drink too many at the Dinner table.

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