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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Alternative Energy ETF

Recently found a new method to investing in alternative energy stocks. The Global Alternative Energy ETF (stock code:GEX) is a exchange traded fund (ETF), that offers investors a way to invest in a diversified holding of alternative energy stocks. GEX holds a portfolio of solar power, wind and water power companies based on the Ardour Global Index. I saw that oil hit $100 a barrel today. I also noticed that the price of food here in Hawaii has gone through the roof. $4.89 a pound for loose mushrooms? I think a substancial part of the general price increase comes from increased oil costs. I think of investing as voting with money. If you buy oil stocks, you might as well be holding up signs supporting Exxon and drilling in the arctic. I will be investing in this fund, not only because I think it will increase in value over time, but as a vote against dependence on foriegn oil and funding terrorism.

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