Convert JSON Array to PHP Array

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To convert a JSON array into a PHP array, use the following script: <?php $json = file_get_contents(‘json/yourscript.json’); // Get the JSON data $phpObj = json_decode($json,true); // Convert to PHP Object print_r($phpObj); // Convert to PHP Array ?> file_get_contents(‘json/yourscript.json’); Allows you to get the JSON data easily. json_decode($json,true); Is a PHP function that converts your JSON… Read more »

HTML5 Quickstart Template – Mobile Viewport, CSS3, Google Font, Latest jQuery – All Ready

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Whenever I want to quickly make a webpage, I don’t want to have to build the whole page everytime. Here is my starter code for an HTML5 page. The key points are : HTML5 Doctype – Ready Viewport and Mobile – Ready Title tags, Character Set, Keyword and Description Meta, Favicon, Stylesheet tags – Ready… Read more »