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hello I stay at pg in kengeri bangalore I had come to the hometown in March 1st week but the owners of pg ask for a full monthly rent please answer what action can be taken I am from West Bengal, live in jp nagar, Bengaluru, but my husband did not receive a salary, Pls arrangements to not pay the rent at least 2 months. Otherwise, we will die without food Here are some things to consider before signing a standard lease. Speaking to Citizen Matters, Bangalore City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao said strict instructions had been given on social media and through written communications with PG owners and landlords not to harass tenants. “We expect further problems in the coming week, as many have not received their salaries and cannot pay their monthly rent,” he said. In general, there are six types of rental fees in Canada: SOME ALSO TO take store rentals during these periods of confinement. How to pay do not have enough money to pay for the needs at home. How to pay the rent of the store. I took a home loan from the bank where I pay 35k every day and I rented 3 apartments, due to the lockdown, I can`t ask my Tenent for rent during the lockdown, and the only resource I can pay for the bank is the rent. How can I pay Homeloan if I can`t get rent for a certain period of time? I come from Arunachal Pradesh and I study in Mysore, even my landlord also asks me for rent. Hello in the stay in the electronic city PG I have already paid the rent with the zolo application, because the due date will increase after the 7th of each month. Please ask the Government of Karnataka to exempt rent until lockdown.

My tenants are software professionals who work from home, but to date (13.04.2020) they have not paid rent. Another tenant has a shop, a hair salon and the business is in full swing. 4 boys come from the UP and travel by plane every time they visit their house, carrying huge loads of materials in large trolley bags. But they didn`t pay rent for it. When asked, they say Modi asked not to pay rent. Dear Sir, as a retired homeowner with no other source of income, what should I do? Sir, I lost my job last month and somehow arranged money and paid my rent last month. Now I have no money to eat. I can`t find a job because all the businesses are closed.

I`m really tense about how I`m going to pay my rent. My landlord will not listen. Yes. Even I`m a small shop owner who pays 25k rent. Now, with zero income, how are we going to pay the rent for the house and the rent for the store? Wha to do. . Please help us, I didn`t receive my full salary in March, then my landlord also says to pay the full rent, and if I pay the full rent, then I won`t have any more money with me to stay during this lockdown. Please tell me what to do.

At the very least, the standard lease should include basic rental information, such as: Can we get a one-month rent relief since we went to the hometown during the lockout period and are still stuck in the hometown after a month.. .

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