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On the question of the nomenclature of the governor and the chief minister, no agreement could be reached, so the matter is referred to the principals. Meanwhile, Nehru and Abdullah came to the Delhi Agreement in July 1952 to expand some central institutions in Kashmir. The agreement was made legally final by the President`s order under article 370 on 14 May 1954. Third, the Supreme Court has totally overlooked the fact that Article 370 could be misused in its interpretation of collusive state and central governments in order to repeal the state constitution and reduce their guarantee of autonomy to nothing. Finally, the Tribunal misinterpreted the recommendation of the State Constituent Assemblies of 17 November 1952, which defined only in a declaration the State Government. For the Tribunal, this meant that the Assembly had expressed its agreement to the further treatment of this article by rejecting a recommendation that it should act only with this amendment. It had not made such a recommendation. The statement said nothing more than what the state government meant for the purposes of this section. It does not and cannot remove the restrictions on the authorization of central governments imposed by clause (2), namely ratification by the Constituent Assembly. On certain subjects of the competing society (welfare measures, personal rights, etc.), the State was able to review the central laws after 1953, but in turn subject to the agreement of the centres.

The same rule would apply in the future. Clearly, the extended middle powers since 1953 would not be reduced. In addition, the president`s decision would be necessary for all state laws concerning the governor or election-related matters. As for the nomenclature of the governor and the prime minister, no agreement could be reached, so the matter is referred to the administrators. The agreement, whose terms are described as “capitulation” to India, reaffirmed the terms of jammu and Kashmir`s merger with India since 1953, with a “manifestly hypocritical clause” that state administration would be maintained in accordance with Article 370. Scholar Sumantra Bose points out that by the mid-1970s, 23 constitutional decrees relating to the integration of the state into the Indian Union had already been passed and 262 union laws had already been applied to the state. .

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