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Be sure to read this contract so you know what awaits them. In this article, we will save you a lot of time, sadness and travel to the therapist by ticking off some of the basics that should be addressed from day one in your coaching contract. This is what is difficult about coaching: the success of the program so often depends on what the student is willing to learn to do. Contracts aren`t just about wrapping your customers in bureaucracy and telling them what they can`t do. Think of your contract as relationship insurance: it does all the hard and boring work of keeping the relationship on track so you can focus on the fun part. Real coaching. The term “coaching” can sometimes be confusing when it comes to the level and type of service coaches can expect from you. Including a disclaimer like this, which contains all sorts of advice and help you can`t provide, helps clarify the relationship from the beginning. Raise your hand when you run a coaching business, and one of them sounds familiar to you: coaches, we want you to say: how did you conclude your first coaching contract? Is there a section of your coaching contract without which you would lose? What do you want you to have included in the first version of your contract, but not? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Coaching is a man-made business….

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