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If you are an individual or a professional, you can negotiate a payment contract directly with one of our agents. The number to call will be displayed on your collection message. Companies can offer to settle their debts in up to 12 consecutive monthly payments with post-linked cheques. If you are unable to pay your debts in a lump sum because of your financial situation, we may be able to obtain a payment contract. This allows you to spread your payments over time, based on your creditworthiness, until your debts (and interest) are fully paid. If you no longer want to receive pre-authorized payment contract notifications by mail, you can agree to receive them only online by changing your communication settings in My Individual Account. If you receive a new message in my account, you will receive an email. For more information on some payments, visit the AdSense Help Center. Payments are issued through your AdSense account. You can pay for them when your account reaches your local payment threshold. We can terminate the contract without notice and request immediate payment of the amount owed if the company: You can use one of two methods to propose a pre-authorized debit contract. Depending on the type of debt, you can make your payments in one way (or both): For example, if you are in the U.S.

and your balance exceeds $100 at the end of June, you will receive a payment in July. With our new COVID-19 payment contract, you can spread your outstanding amount into manageable monthly payments – with no down payment and no financial report. YouTube`s final revenue for the previous month will be added to your AdSense account balance between 10 and 14 of the month. Income is paid this month, as long as your total balance has reached the payment threshold and you do not have a payment. Even if you have a payment contract, we can still resuscitate them an amount that you owe to pay your debts. If you are an individual or an individual in the economy, you can use our online services to offer a monthly payment contract and divide your debts into up to 12 consecutive monthly payments. We may also terminate the contract without notice and demand immediate payment of an outstanding balance if you: You can make your payments via your financial institution`s online services. You need the payment code we sent you.

Use the online service in My Account to view a pre-authorized debit payment file to show the status of the proposal, the file number and the messages we send you. There are a number of ways to offer a payment contract depending on whether you are an individual, an individual in the business or a business. Look at the following information that applies to your situation. We will see you with a decision as soon as your channel has been checked (usually about 1 month after you reach the threshold).

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