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Last year, I rented an apartment for which I had a six-month contract that expired on October 28. Although I didn`t stay, the owner told me I didn`t need a new contract. I rented my apartment on a short-term six-month lease agreement to a couple (unmarried). Both signed the contract, but the woman has since called me (when the first payment was due) to say that they had broken up and that he had moved. But she wanted to run the apartment on her own initiative. I would also say that I would always fight for the landlords, but that the landlords should also try to deal fairly with their tenants. If you leave at the end of six months after advising him to leave, to allow him access to show the property to potential tenants, etc., he should go to the small claims court to keep you in agreement. At this point, you draw attention to the abusive duration of the contract, you have copies of the letters you wrote to the owner, etc. He would have to prove that he tried to find another tenant and provide copies of newspaper advertisements, applications received, etc. The court is unlikely to decide that you should always be responsible for the rent if the landlord has not done what he should.

The agreement, concluded by a rental agency, is first six months and then becomes a “rolling contract” of two months. I think the new landlords want me to stay a tenant, but I don`t know what to do to sign a new lease. Do I have additional rights because I have been living in the property for three years, and would I lose them if I had signed a new agreement? To obtain the property, your mother would have to get rid of case 1 – that the tenant has missed rent or other obligations arising from the lease. The difficulty lies in the fact that the court should consider the soil and the constraint of the property sought. The company told us: “Any communication must comply with the original lease. We set the corresponding clause: The landlord accepts that the tenant has the right to terminate the tenancy agreement after the first eight months by announcing in writing to the lessor a period of at least three months to terminate the contract. It was also suggested that I would have a hard time chasing a 12-year-old tenant or something like that. But then again, my lawyer says that this is not true and that it is quite possible to follow the normal route of evacuation, provided that the tenant has signed a first short-term rent (not even a current rent). Again, who`s right? You do not say when the lease started, but if it has been going on for some time, I will leave it until it is concluded.

Two months before it ends, meet the tenant, ask what he wants to do. If he intends to stay in the accommodation, will the other adult men stay? The daughter and husband will soon move out. Recently, I moved into a property with a secure lease for a short six-month fixed-asset contract. Under the agreement, I must cancel the owner at least two months before the house is evacuated and I cannot give airtime until the end of four months. All my posts so far have been with the realtor and I have not met or spoken to the owner. I have been living in the accommodation for a little over a month. You are obviously happy with this tenant or you would not ask the questions.

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