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the economic and technical management machines of an industrial company. The management of the plant is led by the manager. The main task of facility management is to prepare, develop and justify the director`s decisions by collecting and processing information data. The structure of management depends mainly on the size and type of production of the company. The work of management staff is part of the overall productive work of all industrial and productive staff. As part of business consulting, he virtually negotiates enterprise and enterprise contracts and represents his clients in labour disputes and in court. The direct task of management is to help the manager organize the company`s entire workforce in order to produce quality productions for the national economy within the production timeframe of the production plan, to increase efficiency, to create healthy and safe working conditions and to improve the daily living conditions of workers, including social and cultural services. The main areas of facility management are the technology orientation division, under the direction of the Chief Engineer; Sharing economic management under the leadership of the Chief Economist; Sharing production management under the direction of the PRODUCTION CEO; and subdivisions of external economic relations under the direction of the Deputy Director of Supply and Marketing. The Department of Education and Training Courses, Staff Qualifications Improvement, Recruitment and Dismissal, and Service Facilities are led by the Assistant Director for Personnel and Living Conditions.

Die auf drei Jahre bis zum 31. Maerz 2008 vereinbarte Gesamtl-sung vergoldet fer Standorte der deutschen Heidelberg Gruppe vergoldet und wird mittels Ergonzungstarifvertrag und Betriebsvereinbarung umgesetzt. Good cash planning, competent accounting and responsible accounting management form the basis of a successful project venture. Our economists handle the VAT declaration, control purchases, deal with trade register issues and organize the general meeting. Under favourable economic conditions, the employer and the Works Council may, as an option, enter into enterprise contracts that increase outstanding monthly payments by up to 100 per cent. For economic reasons, employers and business committees may enter into voluntary enterprise agreements that depreciate, defer or suspend the one-time payment. Success, salary-framework agreements and abandonment for corporate reasons: in the “security” operational field, this has led, with the agreement of the Works Council, to new enterprise agreements that allow for a more flexible use of employees.

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