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The government, through the Ministry of Labour and the Croatian Pension System and Employment Service, provides financial assistance to seasonal workers in the off-season. The employer must complete an application for financial assistance with the necessary additional documentation. The ETUC assesses the application and approves the aid. Any agreement should set the following conditions: Note that labour laws (including the definition of each type of employment and the nature to which a person may be entitled as a type of worker) may vary slightly from country to country. A seasonal contract is similar to a fixed-term contract that invites a worker to work for a fixed period of time. As a general rule, it is not necessary for any of the parties to issue a notification at the end of the employment. The indicator of the progress of the political instrument is the number of permanent workers who use this instrument. Progress is measured annually and the figures are published in the report on the implementation of guidelines for the development and implementation of active employment policies. For advice on seasonal workers and workplace agreements, please contact Employsure on 0800 675 700. d) Unlocking and recalling procedures. A seasonal worker will be referred to “non-payment” status at the end of a season and will be recalled to the service next season.

Release and recall procedures must be established in advance and applied consistently. They may be based on performance, seniority, veterans` preference, other appropriate cues or a combination of factors. Seasonal redundancy is not subject to the storage procedures provided for in parts 351 and 752 of this title. Seasonal redundancy that does not comply with the employment contract requires, if necessary, reductions in enforcement measures or adverse measures procedures, for example. B where an agency intends to employ a worker less than the minimum term set in the employment contract. However, an agency may develop a new employment contract that takes into account changing circumstances. In general, a worker is hired as a certain type of worker: fixed or temporary and full-time, part-time or seasonal. The objective of the measure is to provide financial assistance to seasonal workers during the period during which they are not working, in order to ensure that employers have the necessary labour in all services during reduced working hours, due to the seasonal characteristics of the company. In addition to financial assistance for seasonal workers, a portion of the expenses of extended pension insurance are granted to employers during the period during which seasonal workers are not working and are registered for a longer pension plan over a six-month period between two seasons.

It is a social measure to preserve employment. The employer can use the instrument for as many seasonal workers as he has. Permanent seasonal workers may also be hired during the extended insurance period to participate in preparations for next season and special events that they cannot do during the season. For these activities, the employer may reward the person with a monthly amount that cannot be higher than the average monthly earnings during the previous year`s unemployment (compared to 2004,42 HRK in 2017). Seasonal workers receive financial assistance for the entire a-season period (no more than 6 months), whether or not they work for this period – it is also a social measure. During this period, they may work for the employer on the preparation of next season and events a season, for which they can additionally be allocated with the amount that is not greater than the average amount of earnings for the unemployed in the previous year. Although seasonal work is by definition temporary, seasonal workers have the same rights as permanent workers.

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